"One of the biggest tragedies in human civilazation is the presedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It's a substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation".

Dr. Royal Lee

"Untill man dublicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life." 

T. A. Edison



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For many centuries aromatic plants have been used to give therapeutic benefits in different ways. All ancient civilizations used massage and different oils extracted from plants to treat different conditions or simply to maintain good health and well-being. Now a days Aromatherapy is the aromatic answer to stress and anxiety. The combination of a therapeutic massage and use of essential oils makes this type of therapy even more powerful as the smells inhaled trough the lugs are absorbed into the bloodstream straight away. Smell have immediate effect on the emotions, either pleasant or unpleasant.
The pleasant smells and the properties of the plant which are held in the essesntial oils have a great part in Aromatherapy and bring sence of calmness and

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy which treats not only specific conditions but also focuses on your whole being - mind, body and emotions.

1 hour - £40 
1 hour and a half - £55
back and face massage - £50 (upto 1hour and a half)
facial aromatherapy (45 minutes) - £35