"The great secret posed by the great men of all ages was their ability to contact and release the power of their subconscious mind."

"Change your thoughts, and you can change your destiny."

"Water is the softest thing, yet can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the prinsiple of softness overcoming hardness."

Lau Tzu

Childbirth Hypnotherapy - Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow 

Imagine a birth without fear...A mother and baby are joined in peace. The way the nature intended... 

Hypnosis is an easy way to create a totally peaceful, serene and calm state in the chemistry of the body that will allow the muscles to relaxed so deeply that fear melts away, the muscles release the adrenaline and pain fades away. Hypnosis for Childbirth help to:

- reduce or eliminate fear and pain                                                                          

- create a positive attitude

- produce feeling of relaxation

- reduce or eliminate the need of medication

- shortens the labour

- create a stress free environment for the baby

- create positive feeling and emotions for both mother and baby

- enhance recovery after the birth

A body free of tension and Mind full of Positivity = a pain reduced or pain free birth



Hypnosis for Childbirth - over 6 weeks this workshop is for pregnant women


Baby Massage classes - for new Mothers, on this classes you'll learn how to give a massage for your babies and strengthen the bond between you and your child.