"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

 Albert Einstein


"The lamps may be different, but the light is the same."



I came to Lily for my phobia of flying and hights and after couple of sessions this issue was completely resolved. I'm happy now because I can go on a plane again and it's like a new world opened for me. Lily used Hypnotherapy and NLP that had a profound effect on me. I would definitely recommend Lily!                                                         

D. J. - Scottish Islands


My sessions were incredibly successful and I am so grateful to Ms. Datony. Lily used age regression and Gestalt therapy and I was able to come to terms with the emotional trauma I had in my life. This has led to new confidence and belief in myself and my life. Lily is a very professional therapist and extremely caring person and I would recommend her without reservation. Thank you so much, Lily!                                                                                     

M. T. - Inverness


I stopped smoking for one session and I'm glad to be a non smoker, now for more than 2 years. I would recommend Lily to my friends who would like to stop smoking.                                                                                                            

T. D. - Edinburgh


The Hypnosis for Childbirth I had with Lily helped me so much to have an easy labour and  a positive outlook on the whole experience. Lily is a very caring and understanding person and I would recommend 100% her professional service. Thank you so much indeed.                                                                                          

L. H. - Scottish Highlans


I'm a professional musician and came to Lily for help with my stage fear. The experience of the couple of sessions I had with her were really amazing and I feel very confident and positive. Lily's approach is very gentle and her understanding of the psychology of the musicians is great. I recommend her sessions 100%.             

K. O. - Inverness


I came to Lily when my life is just falling apart around me. I had 6 sessions with her and I found her gentle approach and methods to be amazing. I'm like a new person now, with positive outlook to life, confident and self-accepting. Lily is very gentle and understanding nature and I would definitely recommend her professional service. Thank you so much!                                                                                          

M. M. - Scottish Highlands


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